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We are offering 10% off all dental procedures for the month of February (including initial exam.) Please talk to our staff in regards to setting up an appointment for a dental exam for your pet.


July is Adult Wellness month at Analy Veterinary Hospital.

We are offering 10% off of testing for young adult patients as a screening for heartworm, intestinal parasites and common diseases such as diabetes, liver or kidney problems.  Please ask our front desk about testing your pet today!

The twins have arrived!

Dr. Cloninger and her husband welcomed Boden Chesley and Oakley Eddison Ruddick into the world April 28th! Everyone is doing great!




We will shortly be offering new alternatives for patients with orthopedic conditions!

Dr. Cloninger has become certified in a technique using a patient’s own adult stem cells to help treat arthritis. The stem cells are harvested from the patient’s own fat reserves, sent to a lab for purification, and sent back directly to the veterinarian within 72 hours of harvesting the fat. Our staff will soon be undergoing training to fully understand the process so that we may all be able to answer any questions you may have regarding this form of regenerative medicine for your pet.

3/1/2011 Maternity Leave

 As many of you know, Dr. Shannon Cloninger is on maternity leave until June.  Dr. Briar Visser is helping fill in during Dr. Cloningers absence.  Dr. Visser has worked locally in the past years and has a great deal of experience in general and emergency medicine.  We expect that our clients will love her, as she is a wonderful veterinarian.  Welcome Dr. Visser!! 

INTRODUCING DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY!!!!! We have upgraded to digital radiographs!!  See the "services" section for more information.  We can now provide state of the art diagnostics via radiography to provide better service to you and your pets.

I just wanted to let everyone know there is a blog link on the top of the home page.  This link connects you to short blurbs about topics we find relative or interesting.  We will make an effort to post information about important topics which may be highlighted by certain cases we see (no owner or pet information will be shared of course.) I encourage everyone to look at this link from time to time!